All men must die
but we are not men

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took me a while to decide if i should reblog this


took me a while to decide if i should reblog this


took me a while to decide if i should reblog this


took me a while to decide if i should reblog this


since that post is back farting while laughing and then laughing harder at the original joke/fart melange is my favourite thing 


who cares about hashtags when there’s hashbrowns

First panel first panel #sdcc

First panel first panel #sdcc


Comic cons out guns out

Comic cons out guns out


i see surprisingly little talk of a courf/bahorel friendship

imagine the two of them going on shopping trips and wearing ridiculous clothing

courf setting shit on fire and bahorel punching cops who try and arrest him for arson

doing each other’s make up

getting into loud debates with dude bros at bars

being friendly and boisterous together

(✿◠‿◠) courf and bahorel 4eva (◡‿◡✿)


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I wonder who Katara lost first… Aang Or Sokka?


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Things girls look for in a boy:
•Day Man
•Fighter of the Night Man
•Champion of the sun
•Master of karate and friendship for everyone

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Grantaire and Bahorel once dreamed of starting a tattoo parlour when they were young teenagers. Combeferre promised to be their first client. Years later when they were in their early twenties, they get the opportunity to open a little shop. Afer the opening, Combeferre was true to his word and…

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Head cannon that Grantaire has all his friends names tattooed on him, like he has Jehan on his wrist because he is always there to help him when he feels like he is going to relapse, and Enjolras over his heart because he owns it, and Courfeyrac on his pinky because he pinky promised to be his best friend forever, and Bahorel on his knuckles (obviously cause he likes to punch things) and Eponine on his shoulder blade because he always gives her piggy backs


Feuilly on the inside of his palm, due to the many times they have done craft things and sculptures together, and is representative of Feuilly’s fine workmanship and the finesse with which he completes his work.

Joly on his shoulder, because Joly is the best doctor around so of course his name would be where he gets injections. It’s also near the place where Joly would hook his arm under his shoulder in the trust test, and of course, Grantaire trusts Joly with his life. 

Bossuet on his waist, because that’s where Bossuet lifts him up when he gives one of his signature bear hugs. 

Grantaire narrowly avoided getting Combeferre tattooed across his forehead to represent Ferre’s brain, but of course ‘Ferre himself would have told him that it was probably a bad idea, because that’s what he does; he uses his brain. So Grantaire opted for getting Combeferre behind his ear instead.

Marius on his elbow, because R always hits his elbow in bizarre places, which reminds him of Marius’ clumsiness. But of course, without elbows, Grantaire wouldn’t be able to do what he does best, which is to do art, as you need your elbows to ensure the fluidity and skill of the brush, much like R couldn’t possibly live without Marius’ friendship.

Cosette on his ankle, because Cosette guides his feet on the right path by setting an example of goodness and purity. Cosette is like a light in the darkness.

There is a special place in my heart for this headcanon <3

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Jehan has this massive collection of skulls, both animal and human, and xe puts them in every room of xir flat

And xe sticks tinsel and little santa hats on them at Christmas, and puts them all together in the living room on Halloween in an effort to make the flat look like catacombs

And xe…



No, but can we all stop to appreciate the mental image of a big, muscle-bound Bahorel (I hc Jason Momoa, but insert your favorite image) being at the gym and some asshole trying to give him shit because “man, how do you stand hanging around those queers?” …meaning, y’know, most of Les Amis…


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